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Flatbed Towing

NYC Tow TruckWe’re the top choice for flatbed towing in NYC

No matter what type of flatbed towing you are looking for – pre-planned or emergency, we are the best place to help you. We keep New York City safer by removing suspicious or unauthorized vehicles – and the owner has to foot the bill, not the caller who should be applauded for paying attention to their surroundings. We also help to safely transport vehicles that require emergency towing due to a car accident or a problem that prevents said vehicle from being driven. We can use our flatbed tow truck to safely load and strap in your vehicle to get it to a mechanic’s shop, your home or wherever else you want it to end up.

We provide service in areas like Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Williamsburg, Upper West Side, Midtown, Manhattan and more. So if you did a Google search for something like “I need a place to tow my car in NYC” then don’t forget about us!

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NYC Tow Truck